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wearing contact lenses

contact lens specialists

Contact lenses offer a convenient and comfortable alternative to wearing glasses.


If you have an active lifestyle or fancy a change to your spectacles, contact lenses offer a quality and vision like never before. 


We offer a complete contact lens service, from initial assessment through to regular check-ups, with quality lenses and solutions that are carefully chosen to meet your individual requirements.

no better time for contact lenses

Stephens & Drew Opticians offer a wide choice of contact lenses including soft daily, soft monthly and even rigid gas permeable lenses from the leading manufacturers. 


Choosing the right type of contact lens is important, so we are on hand to guide you through the best options for your lifestyle and visual needs.


If you believe you are not suitable for contact lenses because of your prescription, think again. Advancements in technology mean that contact lenses are available to more people than ever before, with lenses available to suit almost any age or prescription - even those with astigmatism.

man wearing contact lenses

contact lens appointments and aftercare  

In our thorough contact lens assessments we will check the health of your eyes, your prescription and your measurements to advise you on the best type of lens.


If you are new to wearing contact lenses, we offer a trial appointment where we will assist you with the initial fitting of your lenses until you are confident and show you how to care for your lenses.  


It is important to have regular contact lens check-ups to monitor the health of your eyes and the fit and vision of your lenses.

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